Laborless Day

eeecardsNothing says Labor Day like some sarcastic ecards to send your friends and family. For your laborless enjoyment…


For the workaholic

This Labor Day try not to think about how your next holiday isn't until Thanksgiving.


For the barelyworkatallic

Happy Labor Day to someone who barely labored this year


For the still very pale and fluffy friend that swore this summer she would become the bronze goddess she was destined to be

Labor Day is a great opportunity to reflect on what you failed to accomplish this summer


For the cousin that never wears deodorant and always warrants an eye roll


Thanks to the catastrophic greenhouse effect, Labor Day no longer signifies the end of summer


For the guy that thinks a getting a girlfriend begins with a Facebook poke

Labor Day begins my slow transition from ogling women outside to ogling women online


For the guy that spent Labor Day doing everything he did on every other day

I’m glad the next episode of Breaking Bad isn’t taking Labor Day weekend off.


For the person with the right idea

Let's do as little as humanly possible until Labor Day so we'll have the energy to do slightly more than that afterwards

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